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Beira Interior
01: Pinhel
02: Castelo Rodrigo
03: Cova da Beira
Description of Beira Interior Region
It is the most mountainous region of continental Portugal, comprising some of the highest mountains in the country.

The climate suffers from an extreme continental influence, with important temperature variations, short, hot and dry summers and long and very cold winters.

The soils are mostly granite, with small patches of schist and, although not very common, sandy patches.

Beira Interior is divided into three sub-regions, Castelo Rodrigo, Pinhel and Cova da Beira. Castelo Rodrigo and Pinhel, despite being separated by mountain ranges, share similar characteristics.

On the other hand, Cova da Beira is different, extending from the foothills of Serra da Estrela to the Tejo valley, south of Castelo Branco.

Roman remains

In the Beiras region, the beginning of vine culture dates back to Roman times. There are several wine presses carved on granite rocks that were used to produce wine.


Due to the quality and social and economic importance of the wines from Beiras, some measures were implemented to protect these wines, namely during the reign of D. João I and D. João III.

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