Discover Portugal

Beyond Portugal’s coastline of sandy beaches and jagged cliffs lies a diverse land steeped in over 800 years of rich history. Here, past and present are inextricably intertwined, and life’s simple pleasures reflect the abundant heritage.

A place of sun and sea, history and cosmopolitanism, the truly relaxed and carefree spirit of Portugal’s inhabitants is balanced by its robust cultural diversity. Geographically, Portugal is defined by its distinctive Atlantic flavour, which encompasses nature, beaches, gastronomy and entertainment.

In this land filled with sunlight, the past reinforces the sense of the present. Here, medieval castles stand alongside modern architecture; Roman, Gothic and Manueline monuments punctuate a landscape of beaches with deep blue seas and rolling green plains.  The never ending contrasts: Historic villages and luxury resorts, the cuisine of great modern chefs and simple culinary traditions, contemporary art museums and prehistoric rock drawings, world class golf courses and busy vibrant avenues; all reflect the welcoming juxtaposition of Portugal.

Here, people are creative, open and welcoming, and wish to share with you the best of everything they have and know. Here, life is a sensory celebration.