SOMM 360

Nov 25th 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


SOMM360 – a tool for every sommelier in the world who would like to get support in continuing education and training for competition. Its initiative aims to help sommeliers with their goal to obtain their MS or MW, and WSET title or advance in other continuing education programs, as well as to increase the number and the caliber of candidates wishing to partake in sommelier competitions. Furthermore, it will provide a support network of peers and mentors to help sommeliers stay committed to their passion in this ever so demanding and changing hospitality industry.



The SOMM360 Congress 

A three-day educational and creative program offering training sessions and networking with international experts. Who should attend? 300 wine trade professionals from Montreal and all over the world who are interested to learn from experts, including candidates who want to receive specific mentoring & training for advancing in sommelier competition. A select group of top industry peers will act as mentors and members of the SOMM360 advisory board who will work with us to guarantee superior quality and exclusive content throughout the program :

  1. Veronique Rivest, 2nd Best Sommelier of the World 2013 and owner, Soif bar à vin, Quebec (Canada) – will oversee the overall training program;
  2. Raj Parrthree-time James Beard Award-winning author, sommelier, and winemaker, Santa Barbara (USA) – will oversee the blind tasting sessions;
  3. Alexandre Bilodeau, Double Olympic Champion in Moguls and KPMG, Quebec (Canada) – will act as stress management speaker during the training sessions;
  4. Jesse Becker MS, Portfolio Manager of Craft & EstatesChicago (USA) – will oversee the educational components of the Congress and will act as moderator;
  5. Francois Chartier, Chartier Créateur d’harmonie, Barcelona (Spain) – will be responsible for the food & wine pairing component of the Congress.

*Open to all trade professionals in the industry

The SOMM360 Awards’19

A 100% Blind tasting tools for sommelier with emphasis on wine & spirits, to reveal the sommelier’s 2019 favorites from around the world. Global producers are invited to submit their products to SOMM360 to help sommeliers who are in preparation for sommelier competition or training.

*Access to the Awards is by invitation only.

The SOMM360 Boot Camp 

An intensive five-day training for a select group of 24 sommeliers including 1:1 mentoring with top industry peers as well as service, blind tasting, and stress management coaching. SOMM360 will award 24 scholarships of excellence to top sommeliers from around the world to attend the Boot Camp(covering all costs for registration, training, travel to and from Montreal, accommodation, and meals for five days.). The Boot Camp includes The Congress, The Awards, and The Wine Experience. We are confident that our program will support these candidates’ pursuit of excellence in this industry, and at the same time provide them with a network of enthusiastic, international colleagues for knowledge exchange beyond the event. The following top sommeliers from 17 different countries confirmed their participation with us already:

  1. Australia, Mattia Cianca
  2. Belgium, Antoine Lehebel
  3. Canada, Élyse Lambert MS
  4. Canada, Pier-Alexis Soulière MS
  5. Canada, Carl Villeneuve-Lepage
  6. China, Jasper Sun
  7. Denmark, Christian Jacobsen
  8. Estonia, Ketri Leis
  9. France, David Biraud
  10. Germany, Marc Almert
  11. Ireland, Julie Dupouy
  12. Latvia, Raimonds Tomsons
  13. Mexico, Luis Morones
  14. Monaco, Bruno Scavo
  15. Norway, Henrik Dahl Jahnsen
  16. Poland, Piotr Pietras MS
  17. Romania, Iulia Scavo
  18. Spain, Guillermo Cruz
  19. Sweden, Fredrik Lindfors
  20. UK, Eric Zwiebel MS
  21. USA, Pascaline Lepeltier MS, And more to come!

*Access to The Boot Camp is by invitation only.


SOMM360 invites every wine lover to a world-class and immersive wine tasting experience. Going beyond a regular tasting evening, the program will offer attendees the opportunity to watch  sommeliers in training being challenged in different real restaurant tasks during the Somm360 Challenge. On top, the evening will offer an interactive and creative tasting activity, some exquisite wine pairings, a chance to meet top sommeliers from all over the world, many theme wine bars and more! A breathtaking meeting of really good wine, food and sommeliers!


All participants need to purchase a ticket.