Wine Enthusiast highlights why you should be drinking Portuguese Whites this summer

Jun 06, 2016



"Up and down this wine-soaked country, Portuguese producers are making great white wines in regions you may never have heard of, from grapes you’re probably not familiar with.

In Vinho Verde, Douro, Dão, Beira ­Atlântico, Bairrada, Lisboa and Alentejo, winemakers are turning native grape varieties like Alvarinho, Encruzado, Arinto, Viosinho and Bical into crisp, refreshing wines and full-bodied, wood-aged powerhouses.

The combination of rugged Portuguese individualism—which helps keep winemakers loyal to their native grapes—and the country’s ­centuries-old spirit of exploration results in world-class wines. Over the years and through tasting hundreds of samples, I’ve become convinced that Portugal is a great white-wine country." 

Read the full article by Roger Voss and check out his white wine recommendations here.


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