Ramos Pinto

By Rui Falcão*

Since it was founded as a Port house by Ramos_Pinto.jpegAdriano Ramos Pinto in 1880, the Ramos Pinto company has devoted much of its energy into the Brazilian market where it claims more than half the share of Port Wine in the Brazilian market. It became famous for its promotional posters which were commissioned to international artists.

Adriano Ramos Pinto discovered and developed markets which no one had thought of concentrating on before and created niche markets for his wines. This is especially evident in Brazil where Ramos Pinto bottled special wines for the local armed forces with the label "Army & Navy", as well as for the clergy and women. The labels were inspired by the delicacy of Art Nouveau at a time when nobody segmented markets.

He also played a role in creating a new wine category - medicinal wines that were said to have positive properties, such as the famous “Vinho do Porto Febrifugo” and “Porto Quinado” of the 20’s that proclaimed the virtues of quinine. The Ramos Pinto company was also a pioneer in the study of Portuguese grape varieties, viticulture in the Douro region, as well as in winemaking and the mixing of grapes from different estates.





* Rui Falcão is a renowned Portuguese wine journalist, author and wine educator.  He is also a judge at several international wine competitions.