Quinta do Mouro

By Rui Falcão*

Miguel Louro is the leading man behind Quinta_do_Mouro.jpegQuinta do Mouro.  A man with a remarkable personality, strong temperament and fantastic enthusiasm, Louro knows what he wants and does what he likes, when he likes, without worrying about what others think. These personality traits can also be seen in his wines. 

Louro originally trained as a dentist but despite this he still has a fantastic understanding and empathy for the vines and is able to recognise any potential problems that might occur. His wines are light but intense and each wine has contrasting characteristics. What is guaranteed in each bottle is their finesse and elegance and remarkable aging potential.










*Rui Falcão is a renowned Portuguese wine journalist, author and wine educator.  He is also a judge at several international wine competitions.