Esporo.jpegBy Rui Falcão*

Esporão is one of the most respected houses in Portugal, capable of producing wonderful wines - from the most exclusive to the more mainstream. Esporão is an eclectic house that has made its mark in the Alentejo region and on Portuguese wines as a whole – with its annual labels developed by contemporary artists that promote Portuguese culture, as much as Alentejo wines.

Before Esporão invested in Reguengos de Monsaraz, Alentejo was a relatively unknown region that only a few people associated with wine. Esporão has had an interesting history, including the occupation and nationalisation of its estate during the democratic revolution in Portugal in April 1974.

Following this, the property was restored and has today become one of the greatest wine houses in Portugal – capable of producing both quality and quantity from its Monte Velho, Vinha da Defesa and, of course, Esporão Reserva, which stands up as a role model from Alentejo.






* Rui Falcão is a renowned Portuguese wine journalist, author and wine educator.  He is also a judge at several international wine competitions.