Domingos Alves de Sousa

By Rui Falcão*

Domingos Alves de Sousa was one of the pioneers of wines from the Alves_de_Sousa.jpegDouro, being one of the first to abandon the urban comfort of Oporto city and return to the Douro. Domingos Alves de Sousa became one of the front runners in the rise of Douro wines, with the production of its acclaimed Quinta da Gaivosa. From an estate historically dedicated to Port wine – both white and red – Domingos Alves de Sousa produces wine with a smooth and elegant profile, which is balanced and a genuine representation of the character of the Dourovalley.

A walk through the Gaivosa vineyards is enough to explain the complexity and finesse of its wines - with its differences in altitude, dramatic sceneries, diversity of grape varieties and environments, traditional vineyards mixed with restructured ones, levels and vertical vineyards, well nurtured vines and plenty of old vines maintained with extreme care.

Visiting Quinta da Gaivosa, with its 123 hectares, one is struck by its sense of identity and belonging.






* Rui Falcão is a renowned Portuguese wine journalist, author and wine educator.  He is also a judge at several international wine competitions.