Wines of Portugal Sommelier Dinner - Bristol

Oct 16th 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
The Cowshed - 44-46 Whiteladies Rd Bristol BS8 2NH

Join Wines of Portugual for an exclusive 4 course dinner at The Cowshed in Bristol, known for their unwavering focus on locally sourced and seasonal produce.

This is a private invitation, to join 7 of Bristol's leading Sommeliers for an interactive and educational dinner hosted by Bristol Fine Wines, in collaboration with Wines of Portugal. The Cowshed Head Chef has developed a unique 4 course menu which you, the Sommelier, will be tasked to find the best wine pairing for.
Each Sommelier will be provided with a budget to purchase a Portuguese wine that you feel best pairs with the course you have been allocated. You will be given the opportunity to introduce your chosen wine: discussing its heritage, key characteristics and why you believe its flavour profile makes a natural pairing with the course.
At the end of each course, you will be encouraged to discuss your thoughts on the food-wine pairings - it's a great opportunity to compare one anothers choices and explore combinations which you may previously have never thought of. Spend the evening exploring different taste combinations and learn more about the world of Portuguese wine. At the end of the dinner all guests will decide whose wine was best paired with the dish and the winner will recieve a £100 cash prize.
We hope you will join us for a memorable evening of diverse wines and innovative, award-winning food.
To book your space, sign up via the link:
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