If you like Ripe White Burgundy, Tropical-styles of ‘New World’ or Vermentino (Italy). 

Regarded by many winemakers as one of the great Portuguese varieties, Encruzado is capable of producing exceptional white wines. It is grown almost exclusively in the Dão and requires particular care and attention to extract its finest aromas. The resulting wines are voluptuous and complex with aromatic mineral notes and tropical fruit, most notably green papaya, passion fruit, and melon. Encruzado ages nicely with nuances of hazelnut and, when fermented in oak, vanilla and can be viewed as a melding of a Burgundian Chardonnay’s texture and terroir with the aromatics of the Portuguese grape Fernão Pires. 

Food Pairing with Encruzado:

Encruzado is a flexible wine possessing, all at once, characteristics of fleshier and textured styles with the delicate aromatics of lighter more fragrant bottlings. Avoid super bold flavors with this grape as its nuances can be easily lost. The wine pairs well with creamy risottos, simple scallops, shrimp, and textured fish like Chilean sea bass or angler (monkfish). Roasted root vegetables, a simple pasta al fredo, or a classic French blanquette de veau would also be very successful matches. And don’t overlook cheese; Encruzado is delightful with a range of semi soft and milder washed rind styles.

Asian duet: Congee with shredded chicken, grated ginger, and sesame seeds

European duet: Risotto with squash, chickpeas, and toasted almonds

American duet: Broiled Maine lobster with lime butter