If you like Riesling (dry), Pinot Blanc or Chenin Blanc (dry).

One of Portugal’s oldest indigenous varieties, with a long tradition in the Bucelas region, Arinto has now spread to most wine regions, due to its adaptability to different terrains and climates. Arinto, known as Pedernã in Vinho Verde, holds crisp acidity as one of its key features combined with distinctive minerality, excellent structure and a velvety feel. Its aroma is relatively discreet with green apple and lemon. Arinto yields wines that evolve very well in bottle, acquiring elegance and complexity.

Food Pairing with Arinto:

Arinto has crunchy youthful acidity that allows it to be paired with dressed salads, marinated antipasto, and simply prepared crustaceans such as crab and lobster. A perfect wine to pair up with grilled lighter fare like white fish fillets, quail, and vegetable brochettes. Arinto’s inherent minerality and crisp bite bring out the delicate smokier elements while allowing the core flavors to shine. The perfect wine to take out on a warm day’s picnic, Arinto is a delightful accompaniment to a spread of mixed sandwiches, salads, charcuterie assortments and an endless assortment of olives!

Asian duet: Steamed fish with straw mushrooms and lemongrass

European duet: Shrimp and scallop terrine with tarragon aioli

American duet: Chicken salad with green apples and walnuts