Touriga Nacional

f you like Cabernet Sauvignon/blends, elegant Petite Sirah or fuller-bodied Syrah/Shiraz.

In the past, Touriga Nacional was the dominant variety in the Dão region, where it’s said to have originated, and is largely responsible for the fame of Dão red wines. Today it is also one of the most important varieties in the Douro and is universally considered one of Portugal’s, if not the world’s, finest grapes. Touriga Nacional yields inky, full-bodied, powerful wines with exceptionally complex aromas. It frequently shows blackberry, blueberry, rock rose and rosemary notes. Its notoriety has ensured its spread throughout all regions of the country, from the northernmost corners to the southern Algarve. Furthermore, it is enthusing vine growers across the globe, and is now also being planted in Australia and the USA, amongst others. Touriga Nacional wines age beautifully and achieve aromatic complexity with deft barrel aging.

Food Pairing with Touriga Nacional:

Port blended with Touriga, is a different story and will pair splendidly with chocolate, coffee, mocha, and nut based desserts, as well as blue cheeses like Cambozola to Roquefort. As the key driving varietal of Douro red blends, Touriga Nacional should be viewed paired with red meat dishes (stews, steaks, roasts) and meals that can handle the often accompanying oak flavours garnered during the aging process. Touriga Is beautiful with teriyaki or char-siu glazes and it also pairs well with combinations of meat and fruit (lamb with apricots, duck with prunes, chicken breast served with a sauce of raisins, orange zest, and pine nuts). Who needs great claret with a standing rib-roast, when you can have an outstanding Touriga Nacional!?

Asian duet: Robata-grilled beef with rice and black mushrooms

European duet: Cassoulet with duck, sausage, and beans

American duet: Coffee crusted prime rib of beef with roast fingerling potatoes