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By Rui Falcão*


Life in Mouchão is unique to anywhere else and flows at a much calmer pace.  Very little has changed in the Mouchão winery since its foundation in 1901. Today wine is still produced in the same style as our ancestors did.  Immune to new techniques and technology, they produce wine with care and conviction while acknowledging the region’s traditions, excellent grape quality and the unique terroir.

A relaxed atmosphere combined with a strong sense of tradition defines this region which is non-conforming with other wineries in the world. Tradition holds a central and pivotal place in Herdade do Mouchão - even the cellar man, despite his youth, follows the old traditions, he is after all third in the family line of winemakers.









* Rui Falcão is a renowned Portuguese wine journalist, author and wine educator.  He is also a judge at several international wine competitions.