Domingos Alves de Sousa

Alves_de_Sousa.jpegDomingos Alves de Sousa was one of the pioneers of wines from the Douro, one of the first to abandon the urban comfort of Oporto city and return to Douro after a lifetime linked to other professional activities. One of the forerunners of the movement that ended up with the rise of the Douro wines with the acclaimed Quinta da Gaivosa. From a estate historically dedicated to Port wine, white and red, is born a star from the Douro. Wine with a smooth and elegant profile, balanced and harmonious, a classic, genuine and honest in face of the Douro valley character. The style always followed the search of elegance and finesse, harmony and melody, complexity and embellishment, in prejudice of hard power and ostentation. A walk through the Gaivosa vinyards is suffice to explain the complexity and finesse of its wines. Multiple exposures, remarkable differences of altitude, dramatic sceneries, diversity of grape varieties and environments, traditional vinyards mixed with restructured ones, levels and vertical vinyards, well nurtured vines and plenty of old vines kept with extremely care. Visiting Quinta da Gaivosa, in the meantime extended with 5 additional estates, that add up to a total of 125 hectares, we immediately perceive a sentiment of identity, of belonging and competitiveness between the vineyard and the wine. An expression of the terroir.