New figures boost Portuguese wine sales

Mar 06, 2014

New figures released today reveal "hidden sales channels" that boost Portuguese wine sales in the UK and position Portugal 10th in the league of importing countries ahead of Argentina.

It's long been suspected that the accurate reflection of Portuguese wine sales fall foul of the research methodologies employed by the FMCG-data agencies, and this has been revealed through figures sourced from the IVV and COMEXT, and released by ViniPortugal today to coincide with its Annual Trade Tasting.

The figures reveal that Portugal is now the 10th largest wine supplier in the UK, moving ahead of Argentina, with a market share of 1.3% in value and 1.9% in volume. They look at total imports of sparkling, bottled, bulk and Port wine into the UK and present a more positive picture for the country than the more limiting data collated by data agencies which only takes into account scanner-based sales in major retailers.

The study reveals that in 2012, Portugal exported around 73.5 million 12-bottle cases into the UK versus 42 million from Argentina. This moves Portugal from 11th to 10th place in the list of countries supplying wine to the UK. 

Jorge Monteiro, President of ViniPortugal, says: “The research is welcome news to supporters of Portugal who recognise that our growth is coming from outside the parameters set by the large data agencies. Portugal is being misrepresented in the UK and we want to set the record straight. Detailed copies of our study will be made widely available to those who wish to investigate the topic further.”

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